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  • CREATE everything from weapons to characters to projectiles and more... even bullet shells!
  • PLAY with your friends with full built-in network and split-screen support.
  • USE your Mouse/Keyboard and/or controller... both are supported!
  • DRAG-AND-DROP your own assets in seamlessly! Meshes, animations, sounds... you name it.
  • TWEAK every aspect of your game-from the macro to the micro-with our simple-to-use yet powerful property system.
  • EXTEND the logic of FPS Wizard with Unreal's Blueprint system to create your own crazy twists!
  • SHARE your creations with others on our official Discord channel!

FPS Wizard is a comprehensive plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that lets users create their own multiplayer FPS game without having to know how to code. It includes objects like weapons, characters, projectiles, bullet shells, explosions, game modes, and much much more. All of our object types have tons of customizable properties that are adjustable in the editor. You can also use your own meshes, animations, and other assets with our objects relatively seamlessly. FPS Wizard also supports both split-screen and network multiplayer out of the box; so you can play your game with your friends! FPS Wizard also offers users the ability to extend the functionality of our objects through Unreal's Blueprint system. You can also share your FPS Wizard creations with others through our official Discord channel. FPS Wizard is also an evolving product-and will receive tons of updates and new features over its lifetime.

*REQUIRES UNREAL ENGINE 4.17 or later (free)

**FPS Wizard is not compatible with Mac or iOS at the moment. It has been successfully tested in-editor on Windows and in built projects with Windows, HTML5, and Android. All other platforms are try-at-your-own-risk.


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

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FPSWizard[4.18] 217 MB
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